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Cree XHP50.2 5000K J4 10mm Copper PCB

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Cree XHP-50.2 J4 5000K
10mm Copper PCB

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Using the XHP50.2 in combination with the 10mm mcpcb is a great choice for lights with a current of up to 5 amps.   For higher output 16 or 20mm mcpcbs are recommended.

The XLamp® XHP50.2 LEDs is the next generation of Extreme High Power LEDs that deliver the lowest system cost through the best lumen density, reliability and color consistency. Built on Cree's latest high power LED technology, the XHP50.2 LED improves the lumen density, voltage characteristics, reliability and optical performance of the XHP50 LED in the same 5.0mm x 5.0mm package. The new XHP50.2 LED provides an easy drop-in upgrade to achieve higher system LPW for lighting manufacturers with existing XHP50 designs, eliminating redesign costs. Its unparalleled lumen density and longer lifetime at higher operating temperatures also enables new and innovative lighting designs at lower system costs.

These copper core PCBs significantly boost the performance of LEDs.  The direct thermal path technology makes it possible to drive the emitter much harder than factory specification.  The emitter is soldered DIRECTLY to the copper heat pad. . These are high quality, and preform well above standard aluminum MCPCBs.  Boards that simply use copper for the base and retain use of the crystal substrate layer in the center will not give you the same performance.

Using these stars in combination with PROPER heat sinking emitters can be driven to significantly higher than rated capacity.  Output Gains are seen even at DOUBLE the rated drive current of emitters.    Output increases are also achieved at some standard  currents.


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Cree XHP50.2 5000K J4 10mm Copper PCB

Cree XHP50.2 5000K J4 10mm Copper PCB

Cree XHP-50.2 J4 5000K
10mm Copper PCB


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  • Description: Cree XHP-50.2 J4 5000K 10mm Copper PCB
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