Nickel Plated Copper P60 Housing

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DIY housing for P60 flashlights

Nickel plated copper

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This is a DIY part meant for expert users only.  There is no warranty on LEDs, drivers or other DIY parts, so if you don't know what your doing please order the fully assembled module instead.

These are the same pills as used in house to build the 3000+ lumen bulbs.    No LED or driver included.    The stamped letter "D" has been added to the outer rim of the DIY pill for the purpose of differentiating them from the house built product which carries a warranty ( ie modules built by other modders will not be warrantied by ASflashligths).

Its recommended that if you install the XHP-70 emitter and mosfet driver you reflow solder the mcpcb to the pill.   To do this you will need a high acid rework flux and solder paste.   With lower powered builds such as XML2 a two part epoxy will do.

Reflector options:

1. Unmodified 18mm MOP.   This reflector will come with an LED isolator and is ideal for use with XML2.   You may need to grind or cut away a bit of material from the edges to make room for wire if using heavy gauge.    This set up will also fit XHP50 but is not recommended as it will have a doughnut

2. XHP-70.   This reflector has been shortened and bored slightly to fit, the base has also been narrowed to be out of the way of wire leads.

3. MT-G2.   Shortened, bored, narrowed base but with a larger center hole for MTG2.   This emitter will give the nicest smoothest beam.


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Nickel Plated Copper P60 Housing

Nickel Plated Copper P60 Housing

DIY housing for P60 flashlights

Nickel plated copper


  • Product Name:Nickel Plated Copper P60 Housing
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  • Description: DIY housing for P60 flashlights Nickel plated copper
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